The Plant-Based 21 Day Meal Plan has literally changed my life! The recipes are easy to follow and very delicious. The bloating in my stomach decreased significantly, my skin cleared up and is no longer dry, and I have more energy!

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This is not a diet… it’s a change of lifestyle. Believe me, I had tried everything, but even if I lost weight my doctor was not happy with my numbers. Now, over 20 pounds gone, no more threats of cholesterol medicine, blood pressure meds, or possible diabetes in my future. Give yourself 21 days of really good, fresh, clean food and just try it this way. You’ll be amazed. I know I was!

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This is the meal plan that everyone OWES to themselves. It’s going to change your life. there has not been one point where I question what is in my food, only “WOW” moments where I wonder, “How does this actually taste so good- it’s just plants?!” Regardless of where my mind was when I began the meal plan, I can confidently say today that I have no plans to return to how I was eating ever again.

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Strong Bold Healthy’s Plant Based 21-Day Meal Plan is truly incredible! Not only did I see many results, but I was able to learn so much from this meal plan. Recently, I went to my doctor for a routine physical. In the past my blood pressure was normal, but borderline. This time I was told I had an athlete’s blood pressure!

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