Empowering women all over the world with tailored at-home, personal training workouts to become Strong, Bold & Healthy.

Your Transformative Workouts are Waiting for You.

Now is not the time to make another excuse.

I’ll create the exact workout program you need to gain confidence (plus strength!) and get results in 105 days
or less.

Imagine if...

You could show up for your sweat session in the comfort of your own home.


You didn’t have to wrack your brain to come up with exercises and figure out how to perform each one.


You could lose body fat, build muscle and get results with little to no equipment.


You could finally crack the code to feeling good about yourself in minimal time (we’re talking 30-minutes twice per week!).


You have a safe and effective workout program designed for your body (limitations and all).


You end each sweat session knowing you left it all on the table because you have a personal trainer (me!) to lead you through it!

Hit Pause on the Start-And-Stop Workout Routine

Don't get me wrong, any workout is better than no workout! But if your workout approach isn't safe, strategic and consistent... You could be missing out on real results like an increase in lean mass (muscle) and a decrease in body fat.
sbh body workout

What if we met up each week for a gal-pal date? But instead of sipping cocktails, I'll lead you through the exact exercises you need to feel your best!

Have you ever jumped head-first into a workout program with hopes that it’ll be the magic trick to kick your rear into gear…


Only to end back up on the couch binge-watching the latest episodes of House Hunters two weeks later? – Trust me, I’ve been there!


With our ever-changing schedules, it can feel like the day runs us instead of the other way around.


Add a new, great-intentioned workout program to life’s already full cup and it makes sense that we resort to old behaviors when our cup overflows with demand…


And why our new workout program – that we were so excited to start – will begin to collect dust two weeks after buying it.


But if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that I have never missed a paid appointment with someone who expects me to show up.


And showing up consistently… gets results.


What would it look like if you could approach each workout with a trainer who has an action plan for YOU.


A step-by-step process that leaves you with increased energy, strength and confidence…


To take on whatever comes your way, plus move the needle in the right direction for your health.

The next 105 days are going to completely transform your commitment to your health.


Think of this as a first date without all the awkwardness and long pauses – ha! We’ll sit down face-to-face (virtual, of course) so we can get to know each other.

I’ll learn about you and your goals and you can determine if I’m the right trainer for you!

We’ll dig into the details of your…

  • Health history, current fitness habits and routines
  • Motivations to become leaner, fitter, stronger and more confident
  • Limitations and/or injuries that have held you back
  • Dream destination – what health goals do you want to achieve and what’s the best path to get you there?!
The first step to any journey is to figure out where you currently are and where you want to go… And I’ll lead the way!
Since you’ll be training from the comfort of your own home, we’ll need to set-up your virtual training space!

You’ll need minimal room for our sweat sessions…

But I’ll show you how to best create a fitness space that will help you move with ease from one exercise to another.

Plus, safety is my number one priority when training…

I’ll guide you through the placement of your phone or laptop device within your workout space.

This will allow me to see you perform each exercise in the correct way so you don’t injure yourself.
We’ll take it to the “gym” – aka your fitness space – where I will guide you through a 30-minute session to test your…

  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

…and so much more to determine your fitness level. Plus, we’ll use the assessment to make goals and lay the groundwork to track your progress.

No need to worry about gym members interrupting your power session…


Because it’ll only be you and me (and sometimes one other SBH member)! That’s right – I’ll breakdown each exercise and guide you through your tailored workout. During sessions where another SBH member is present, they’ll be doing their own workout that’s custom to them! Semi-private training gives you an extra boost of support while keeping prices low.


Prior to our sessions, you’ll receive a private link in your email inbox. This link is your key to access our sessions (depending on your scheduled time, you may get a private session). 


All you have to do is show up ready to workout… It’s that easy! By the time you’re done, you’ll be feeling strong, bold and healthy!

From our scheduled Zoom sweat sessions to suggested activities outside of training…

This personalized activity calendar will carve out the time for our sessions. Plus, it’ll hold you accountable to workout on your own.

You are more than your weight!


Which is why we’ll track your accomplishments by measuring…


  • Your performance during cardiovascular exercises. Can you go longer without taking a break?
  • How much weight you can lift from week to week. Can you perform more repetitions of an exercise using the same amount of weight?
  • The strength of your core. How long can you hold plank?
  • Your energy levels during and between workouts.
  • How you feel in your clothes. Do you need to go shopping for a new outfit?

And we can’t forget about the progress pic! Yes, the first selfie may feel a little awkward… But put it side-by-side with a pic you snap later on and you’ll see (and feel) your mental and physical strength coming through that photo.

SBH Body

Over 3 months of sweat sessions to remove doubt from your training.

Plus, guidelines to show up for yourself outside of our workouts.

Transform your workouts and your body with 30 half-hour sweat sessions. Learn to perform exercises as I take you step-by step through your workout. Plus, get your hands on a personalized workout calendar and goal checklist…

All for less than what you spend on groceries each week.

Here’s the deal: When I created this, I wanted it to be a no-sweat investment for you so I’m keeping the price low.


Nutritional Guidance

Have you heard you can’t out-train an unhealthy diet? Well, it’s true…

Which is why we’ve added the option to journal your food each week to get results faster.

Learn to balance your plate and get feedback from a fitness nutrition specialist – me!

Nutritional Guidance Valued at $750 ($50 per week)

One thing I know for sure...

The ones who get stronger and more confident are the ones who are consistent in their efforts…

Who commit to showing up for themselves (and their trainer), even when they don’t feel up for it…

Who have a strategic workout plan to shape their body…

And who pay attention to what goes into their body so they have more energy and better results.


Well, it’s like trying to climb out of the Grand Canyon on a treadmill…

At the end of the day you’re left standing in the same spot as you started.  You don’t see too many gains, frustration sets in and you throw in the towel.

You have everything you need right now to get a great workout. But if you’re wondering what next step to take to get results you can see and feel…

The Strong.Bold.Healthy Body package is your answer.


This is your action plan, your roadmap to a body you can feel proud of and your guide to more energy for the next 3 months.

sara doing sit ups


Your Fitness Instructor (and friend who knows how you feel)...

Weight-loss expert, fit foodie, powerhouse personal trainer, self-care consultant, habitual hiker, mental wellness advocate, meal prep queen, Chai tea latte lover, and jet-setting sightseer...

That came out like word vomit. But it sums me up to a tee! My life’s purpose is to get the tools I used…To lose 65-pounds, overcome depression, anxiety, and disordered eatingInto the hands of women (and men) who need to make a mental and physically healthy lifestyle change.

So they can…

And live their BEST life by thriving – not surviving. I’ve been witness to clients transform their lives…And I know that with the right tools, support, and self-belief, you can become Strong, Bold, and Healthy. All you have to do is keep showing up for yourself and putting in the work. I promise to do the same for you. I’ll be right by your side on this journey.

The SBH Guarantee


The best part of SBH Body? You can take action today and know results are right around the corner.

Need to break a sweat with me this week? 

Schedule your semi-private sessions with me like you would a doctor’s appointment… without the wait time. Log into your scheduled session, move your body and feel like a million bucks in 30-minutes.

Want to get in extra workouts? 

Use your exercise calendar to choose from a variety of workouts to complete. These workout recommendations won’t interfere with our sessions. Plus, they’ll take less than 30 minutes to finish!

Not sure if you’re fueling your body for optimal performance and results? 

Use my nutritional feedback and guidance to eat for better energy. I’ll teach you how to balance your meals throughout the day for satiety. Plus, add my favorite recipes to your plan to nourish your body pre and post-workout.

Wondering what else will have you feeling like the best version of you? 

Keep your goal checklist nearby to cross off each mini goal as you complete it. Hydrate your body, get plenty of rest and engage in healthy habits when you use this list!

Want to know how far you’ve come? 

I track your progress each week and tweak your workouts as needed. If you’re not successful, I’m not successful.

As long as you're showing up for yourself (with my help), you'll have every opportunity to feel your best.

If for whatever reason you're not any closer to feeling stronger, leaner or having more energy or confidence in 30 days...

Shoot me a message - I'll get you straightened up with a refund and buy back any unused sessions from you!


I've got you covered.

SBH Body

A just-for-you workout program to gain confidence, strength and energy. To remove second-guessing and self-doubt around your training. And to give you accountability and results in 105 days or less.


Heads up: I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this offer at this price. It’s a crazy amount of value for the investment.