Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you are celebrating with a special someone, or that special someone is you, this plant-based appetizer, dinner and dessert menu will leave love in the air.

This Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dessert menu includes an easy appetizer of Basil Parmesan Bruschetta, a Lemon Garlic Alfredo Pasta with Roasted Brussels Sprouts for the main course, and homemade Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert!

Basil Parmesan Bruschetta

Vegan Basil Parmesan Bruschetta is a healthy appetizer that bursts with flavor. All you have to do is bake slices of French bread to make them extra crisp. Then you top them with a plum tomato mixture of sautéed garlic, basil, oil, balsamic vinegar and cashew parmesan cheese.

Lemon Garlic Alfredo Pasta with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This plant-based Lemon Garlic Alfredo Pasta with Roasted Brussels Sprouts is one of my favorite comfort dishes.

The richness of the Alfredo sauce comes from soaked cashews combined with white onion, lemon, garlic, white cooking wine and nutritional yeast for an extra cheesy flavor. You can even make the sauce ahead of time so that when Valentine’s Day comes, you are spending little time in the kitchen.

I love to toss the Alfredo sauce with whole wheat linguini, but if you’re looking for a lighter option then you can replace them with zoodles – zucchini noodles!

Toss roasted Brussels sprouts that are crisped to perfection with the sauce and noodles and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious vegan meal to share with a loved one.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Healthy chocolate ice cream that hits the sweet spot is my favorite kind of dessert!

This homemade vegan Chocolate Ice Cream is made with love. It has only 4 ingredients that include banana, cocoa, maple syrup and a hint of vanilla. That’s it!

For the ultimate romantic treat, you can top this ice cream with your favorite fruits. I personally like raspberries or strawberries for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

I hope you LOVE this Valentine’s Day Menu!

If you make any of these recipes for you and/or a loved one, I would love to see your creation! Be sure to tag @strong.bold.healthy on Instagram or Facebook when you post your Valentine’s Day Meal!

If you want to spice up Valentine’s Day with a little something different, then try this Yellow Chickpea Curry!



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