Mary H.’s Success Story

Mary H.

I lost 15 pounds using the Strong Bold Healthy meal plan – I haven’t been at this weight since I was in my 20s.

Prior to using the plan, my eating wasn’t very good. I keep busy, so most of the time I would only eat one or two meals a day. Some days, I didn’t eat, which obviously isn’t healthy at all.
I started using the 21-day meal plan because of the success stories I had heard about, and I wanted to see if the plan would make a difference in how I felt. The biggest shock was how much food was in the plan. I wasn’t used to eating so much, so I was surprised to see my weight drop at all.

My stomach has flattened out and my skin looks much better since eating plant based. I’ve never been one to lie around, as I am always on the go, but after eating the meals in this plan, I feel like I have more energy.

Lost 15 pounds in 21-days using the SBH meal plan.


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