Is the SBH Master Class Right for You?

With weekly Strong.Bold.Healthy recipe releases on Tuesdays and workouts/healthy lifestyle blog releases on Thursdays, you may have taken notice of the SBH Accountability & Health Coaching Group – the SBH Master Class – that pops up here and there.

Does the SBH Master Class seem intriguing to you, but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit? Read the most frequently asked questions below to see if you would be the perfect candidate to participate in this life-changing program!

FAQ: SBH Accountability & Health Coaching Master Class

What is the SBH Master Class?

The SBH Master Class is an 8-week program that offers accountability and health coaching to empower you overcome obstacles that have held you back from reaching your full health potential. Nutrition, mind and movement are all topics we focus on so that you can eat more nutrient-dense meals and kick cravings, become more aware of your body (mentally and physically) to make better choices and change unhealthy behaviors, and incorporate more movement into your day.

How do I truly know if the SBH Master Class is for me?

If you’ve gotten hung up in the all-or-nothing mindset, tried every fad diet out there to lose weight or “get healthy” only to gain it back, tried to out-exercise an unhealthy diet or are an emotional eater, you’ll wish you started the Master Class yesterday! Taking control of your life – living instead of just existing – and making major lifestyle change to gain confidence and become the best version of you will take time. But, that time will pass anyway. I will teach you to enjoy the journey by balancing mind, body, and nutrition. 

How does the SBH Master Class program work?

Each week you are coached by me to ensure you hit your short-term health and wellness goals; these short-term goals will compound overtime to reach your long-term goals.

Week 1 of the program is reserved for a private 45-minute, one-on-one call with me to establish your starting ground. During this call we will discuss your health journey that led you to this point, current eating and exercise habits, stressors and triggers (if any) and your ultimate health goals.

During weeks 2-4 and 6-8 of the program, we’ll have our weekly virtual group sessions. Group sessions vary in topics of nutrition, exercise, habits, limiting beliefs, stress relief, sleep and more. Each group member is on their own health journey, so what may work for some, may not work for others – this is why the topics will vary from week to week and from person to person. It is during these sessions that you will be coached by me while other members listen in. Group discussion will follow each members’ coaching to share thoughts and feelings, as well as show support.

Don’t think I forgot about Week 5 of the program! This halfway point is reserved again for a private session with me where we’ll track your progress, reevaluate your goals and change them if necessary.

At the end of each coaching session – whether it’s a private or group session – you will walk away with health and wellness goals to accomplish for the week. You will also have a plan to implement these goals so that I can assure you’re held accountable and offer my unlimited support via text and email between sessions.

I have an overwhelming schedule; how much time do I have to dedicate to the class each week?

All you have to do is show up to the 60-minute group session once per week to take away the tools, tips and goals you’ll need to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. What you put into the program, you’ll get out of the program. Like many of my clients, you probably put yourself last. Now is the time to show up for yourself and the ones you love by making long-term, sustainable goals you can stick to. It’s your turn to make your health a priority, which means something different for everyone. It may start with just making more mindful decisions like taking the stairs rather than the elevator or choosing to have an extra serving of veggies on your plate at dinner. Or it could be full-on homework assignments that take 15-minutes to complete once a week. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If you don’t take the time now, then when? And will it be too late?

I have been in other support groups before; how is the SBH Master Class any different?

This isn’t a group where you show up once a week to weigh-in (literally), then go about your life without any outside support until the next meeting. I am your coach, mentor and biggest cheerleader. I continually check-in throughout the week to see how you’re doing and to hold you accountable to your goals because I care about your wellbeing and want you to succeed. Plus, I have over 10 years experience in overcoming depression, anxiety and disordered eating. I know what it’s like to be on a roller coaster of emotion – to lose weight then gain it back, feel like a failure and feel rejected, to want to secretly eat or skip a workout, to feel completely overwhelmed by life – and I know how to help you handle these situations. If you’re having a rough time then I know how to show up for you and give you the support you need to get you through it. Plus, I guarantee your fellow group members will be able to relate and show their support as well – even from afar. The goal is to work through this together!

What days and times are the weekly meetings?

One-on-one, 40-minute phone call sessions are planned around your schedule and can be conducted just about anywhere! Group sessions are scheduled according to each group members’ schedule; every effort is made to schedule weekly meetings that are convenient for all participants and these meetings are typically on the same day and time every week. Don’t forget, this is a virtual Master Class so you can participate from anywhere in the world! Sessions are conducted following EST but again, I strive to work around your schedule!

What will I learn by joining the SBH Master Class?

You’ll be creating a foundation of healthy habits to continue to build upon long after the Master Class has ended. We’ll dive into creating a balanced nutrition plan that works for your body. You’ll take away tips and tools for timing your meals for a speedy metabolism. You’ll be able to implement intuitive eating instead of emotional eating, creating an improved relationship with food and yourself. You’ll become more aware of your current habits and how you can use them to incorporate new, healthy habits… like being more active throughout the day while still enjoying the things you love. You’ll learn to deal with stress and life’s obstacles by acting rather than reacting. You’ll learn to recognize how the quality of food you eat can impact overall energy and your daily life, plus so much more.

What’s included, how is it delivered and how long will I have to access the resources and content provided?

A digital meal planner, habit tracker, nutritional chart and guide, FREE at-home video workout program and so much more (including recipes) is provided during the Master Class. What you need, I deliver to ensure your success! You can access everything through email or in our shared Google doc; it’s here that you can find our weekly schedule, view your specific goals and access the workouts at the click of a button. Plus, every group session is recorded so you can refer back to it. All of the resources you’re provided with are yours to keep forever! Also, you’ll gain access to the private Strong.Bold.Healthy Community Facebook Group.

I belong to a lot of Facebook groups; what’s the big deal about the SBH Community group?

The SBH Facebook Community is made up of people from all around the world who are motivated to make a healthy lifestyle change and have participated in this Master Class, Individual SBH Coaching or have purchased the SBH 21-Day Meal Plan program. It’s in this group that I am active to help you stay motivated and committed to your journey. The SBH 21-Day Challenge is also run within this group, where you are provided with discounts to for virtual Fitness classes, plant-based cooking classes and more. Remember, you get lifetime access to the community, so support doesn’t stop just because the Master Class has ended!

What kind of support can I expect if I get stuck?

Your success is what’s most important to me, so if you get stuck then I’m there every step of the way to lead you through. You have unlimited access to me via text and email outside of group sessions, plus you have the ongoing support of your fellow group members during the 8-week program.

I tried to lose weight in the past; how is this different?

While weight loss is typically a result of completing the Master Class, it’s secondary to learning and implementing new habits. Past weight loss efforts may not have worked because underlying issues weren’t addressed. Weight gain is the RESULT of negative thought patterns, behaviors, and habits that have been prominent in your life. If you want to lose weight, then you have to focus on changing your current mindset and behaviors that made you gain weight in the first place.

I don’t have weight to lose, so why should I join; how will this help me?

The Master Class doesn’t put an emphasis on weight loss. It does emphasize finding flow with nutrition, mental/emotional health, and physical activity so you can gain energy and thrive in your life. Maybe you want to feel stronger in your workouts, but can’t stay consistent enough to make this happen. Joining the Master Class will help you stay accountable and set goals every week that will challenge you to become stronger – physically, mentally and emotionally.

What do past/present Master Class participants have to say?

“I am about to join my fourth class and each time brings a new found inner strength that I never knew I had. Sara has helped me to develop, accomplish, and build my confidence to achieve my goals.” – Amy

“Take a chance on you! I have logged many miles on my bike, I am choosing nutrient dense food, (mostly 😉), I am challenging myself with Sara’s targeted workouts. I am stronger today because of Sara and SBH!” – Heather G.

Sara made my goals seem so doable and showed me to stay positive even if I wasn’t perfect!!” – Donna S.

“Sara’s Master Class provided me with an opportunity to learn better ways of “fueling the fire” of my metabolism and how to make better food choices. Through an effective combination of teaching, coaching, questioning, and advising, Sara helps you see a path to greater health, and strength. Sara possesses extensive knowledge about nutrition, and she uses that knowledge to help you set realistic goals and develop new habits of mind regarding choices for food, food preparation, and eating. She weaves her recommendations for nutrition with practical suggestions for physical activity…and as a personal trainer, her suggestions for exercise and fitness come from vast experience. One reason I find Sara’s coaching to be so valuable is that she has first-hand experience with a total transformation of her relationship with food….and in doing so, she transformed her body and literally became strong, bold, and healthy. She definitely has street cred when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Sara also approaches her clients with kindness and understanding, but, don’t think for one minute that she won’t push you when needed! I can more easily take advice from someone who is kind and respectful, and from someone who obviously knows her stuff and is invested in my success. She works *with* you to set goals, make specific plans, and gauge accomplishments. It is more of a partnership than a one-way street, and I found that to be very helpful. I look forward to becoming one of Sara’s clients again…and I definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants help to make positive change in their lives. – Susan S.

I can not recommend this enough! Sara Heilman is a fabulous coach and you will be thankful you did this for yourself!” – Michelle L.

“The Strong Bold Healthy Master Class has been great for several reasons. It has positively impacted my nutritional habits to be more proactive in planning ahead. I now have the discipline to plan ahead, with not just for my major meals, but for snacks as well. Also, what to cut when presented with not-the-healthiest of meals. I am a lot less stressed knowing what I am going to have and knowing that it is healthy for me. It has positively impacted my fitness habits to be more proactively active. I now have the discipline to at night, ask myself what am I doing the next day for fitness and to properly prepare myself for it. I now have the discipline to every day contribute to my overall fitness. This group has provided an ear to listen to my thoughts and to properly challenge my own ideas or assumptions I have placed on myself. I now have a better discipline to stop and consider some of my presumptions. This group has also provided me accountability. This accountability has helped to build all of these disciplines. But that was my tailored experience. This is what I needed to improve on, and I did. Your experience will be for you.” – G.H.

I want to sign-up, but the timing isn’t right for me right now; will there be Master Classes offered in the future?

Yes! But I can tell you the time will never be just right. With that said, I want to help as many people as possible. I have purposely built this program so each group is a maximum of 4 participants, so I can give each member the support they need. Because there is limited space in each group, I offer the program several times throughout the year. You can find promotions for upcoming Master Classes in the weekly Tuesday and Thursday Strong.Bold.Healthy email newsletters!

Is there anything I missed? If you have more questions regarding the SBH Accountability & Health Coaching Master Class, leave your question in the comments below.

If the SBH Master Class is the right fit for you, then you have to join the next one…

The next SBH Master Class will begin on the week of September 7th, 2020 and kicks off with 1-on-1 coaching calls. Reserve your spot now by emailing me at!

Have you been or are you currently a member of the SBH Master Class? If so, tell me about your experience in the comments below!


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