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I have lost a total of about 8 pounds using the Strong Bold Healthy meal plan. I have realized that this is not the least amount I have weighed, but I feel like it is the best I’ve felt!

I started using the SBH meal plan because I had had really good success with my weight loss, but I hit a plateau. I had initially lost about 17 pounds counting calories, but I was continuously going up a pound then down a pound. I started using the SBH meal plan because I was interested to incorporate different meals into my eating so that it would hopefully break me out of that plateau – and it did.

With the SBH meal plan I was able to focus more on the nutritional quality and the timing of my meals. Being that I’m somewhat of a picky eater, the meal plan has a lot of flexibility – it allows you to customize meals to suit your own taste. Also, the variety of meals keeps things from getting stale and boring. The meal plan has even taught me that meat and dairy are optional and you don’t have to eat them to feel like you’re having a complete meal.

Since eating from the plan, my body definitely feels a lot cleaner. I’m more in-tune with my body, where I can tell if I’ve eaten something that really doesn’t agree with me (like meat or dairy) and I feel bloated and sluggish. I don’t feel bloated eating from the 21-day meal plan, and I go to bed feeling satisfied but not stuffed.

One of my biggest struggles with losing weight was getting home late from work and relying on fast food or eating out. But with the SBH plan, the meals can be prepared in sometimes 10 to 15 minutes, so it is easy to stick with and make better decisions.

Honestly, before trying this plan, I had some reservations about it because I didn’t know if I could stick to it. But I’ve learned that even if you can’t stick to it 100 percent, it still helps you incorporate better foods into your diet to go more towards a plant-based lifestyle!



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