4 Steps to Take Before Stepping on the Scale

Get up. Use the bathroom. Strip down naked. Step on the scale. Raise my hands in disbelief. How did this happen… I’ve been so “good.”
Get dressed. March to the kitchen. Eat two large cinnamon buns. Guilt sets in. Tell myself I’m going to be better at lunch.
Order salad. No dressing. Choke it down with the help of water. Feel dissatisfied.
Get on the treadmill. Run 3 miles on empty. Drive home. Scour the pantry for a nutrition bar. Spot the chips. Devour the bag. Continue to eat everything knowing I’ll do better tomorrow.
Get up. Use the bathroom. Strip down naked. Step on the scale…
If you have ever experienced this never-ending cycle of defeat, raise a hand in the comments.
Why do we let the number on the scale dictate our thoughts, create our feelings and show up in our actions?
When you step on the scale on a daily or even weekly basis the number typically doesn’t tell the whole story…
Are you sleeping enough? Did you hydrate? Are you stressed? Did you eat a high-sodium meal? Is it that time of month? Do you know how much of your weight is lean mass (muscle)? Did you subtract the weight of your organs – kidding! [But in all seriousness, the average brain weighs 3 pounds.]
You see, there are so many factors that determine your gravitational pull to earth. So why give it so much power?
Here are 4 steps to take before you take your next step on the scale…
Stand in front of a mirror and literally scan your body with your eyes. What do you see? Is it beauty or is it flaws? If all you see is flaws, then you’re in a state of judgement already. So when you step on the scale – no matter what the number reads – you will not be happy with it. If this is the case, then don’t step on the scale.
If you see beauty in your body scan, then move onto the next step…
Ask yourself out loud, “How do I feel today?”
If your answer is anything but positive, then reconsider stepping on the scale. You see, when you lack sleep, feel bloated, dehydrated, stressed, etc. it can skew your weight.
So why step on the scale at all if it could potentially take you take further down a path of negativity?
If you see beauty when you look at yourself and you have good energy going into the day, then move onto the next step…
State this affirmation 3 times:
“My weight does not measure my worth. I am more than a number. I am worth more than my appearance. I am enough. I am patient with my mind and body. I am grateful for everything my body allows me to do. I will not listen to negative voices in my head. I love the person staring back at me in the mirror. I will not compare myself to others or to the person I was yesterday. I am right where I need to be. I will treat my body with respect. My body is my home and I will build it up, not tear it down.”
Afterwards, move onto the next step…
Like you stated in the affirmation above, you are more than a number! If you can think back to the last time the scale brought you joy without judgement, then by all means keep the scale. But do store it away in a closet or some place where it’s not easily accessible. If you have to weigh yourself, then try doing it once a month or less.
If you decide to get rid of your scale, kudos to you! There are plenty of other ways to measure your health progress including…
  • Your clothes. How do they fit? Do you feel good in them?
  • Your energy. Do you have more or less energy on the average day?
  • Your state of mind. Do you express gratitude often or do you have a negative mindset about most things.
  • Food. Are you adding more wholesome and natural foods to your plate?
  • Fitness. Can you walk or jog a mile faster than you could a few weeks ago? Can you lift more weight than you could before?
  • Test results from your doctor. How’s your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides? Compare the numbers to your last visit.
While the scale can be an easy measuring tool, it’s not an accurate one. So before you step on the scale again, do your best to use other forms of measurement to track your progress.

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