Introducing the 
21-Day Meal Plan!

A beginner’s nutrition guide handcrafted just for you to lose weight and get healthy. This program fuses plant-based and vegan nutrition giving you over 50 creative and flavorful recipes to choose from.

Strong. Bold. Healthy.

Feel Strong. Be Bold. Get Healthy.

I created Strong.Bold.Healthy to help you make a lasting lifestyle change. SBH is about being mentally and physically strong. It’s about being fearless in the path of adversity and accomplishing your goals. It’s about having confidence in yourself and living a quality of life you see fit.

Here you will find the tools to nourish your body with delicious plant-based recipes, fitness tips, free workouts and health advice to help you live your best life!

Over 100 Flavorful Meals

My SBH 21-day meal plan features healthier versions of your favorite home-cooked meals! Each day of the plan includes:
✔ 3 meals & 2 snacks
✔ Recipes
✔ Cooking tips
✔ Food storage tips
✔ Grocery lists
My guide will help you easily substitute certain foods to accommodate your dietary restrictions and preferences.

Eat Healthy & Lose Weight Properly

The meal plan and nutrition guide is designed to help you get healthy and lose weight by nourishing your body with wholesome foods and essential nutrients. Clients using the SBH meal plan have reported:
✔ Losing weight & the bloat
✔ Gaining energy
✔ Easing arthritic aches and pains
✔ Feeling healthier overall
This is not a fad diet, but it is a healthy and realistic lifestyle change. My meal plan will make you feel like the healthiest version of YOU!

Nutritional Guidance

My SBH nutrition guidelines provide you with:
✔ Basic nutrition education
✔ Meal prep tips and tricks
✔ A printable meal-planning chart to create your own menus to stay on track!

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The SBH 21-Day Meal Plan


The Plant-Based 21 Day Meal Plan has literally changed my life! The bloating in my stomach decreased significantly, my skin cleared up and is no longer dry, and I have more energy!


This is not a diet… it’s a change of lifestyle. Now, over 20 pounds gone, no more threats of cholesterol medicine, blood pressure meds, or possible diabetes in my future. You’ll be amazed. I know I was!


This is the meal plan that everyone OWES to themselves. It’s going to change your life. There has not been one point where I question what is in my food, only “WOW” moments where I wonder, “How does this actually taste so good- it’s just plants?!”

Get new ideas on plant-based recipes, inspiring fitness tips, and helpful ways to improve your nutrition habits.

Talk with other people using the 21-Day Meal Plan about best practices and techniques.

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